Dim Stef Marine Services
The Company

DimStef Marine Service company was established in 2010 with the perspective to provide the best marine service possible.
Our passion for the sea leads us to go on developing our company to satisfy the high standard needs of our customers.
Starting with an initial area of 2,500 sq.mt ,three years later we realized it was too small to be able to make our dreams of serving our customers needs come true.In 2013 following the needs of the industry and the domestic and international sea tourism ,we have expanded to 11,000 sq.mt. We can now serve from a small speed boat to large sailing yachts and even catamarans.
For the first time in North Evia there is a higher scale business which can serve the special needs of large yachts that operate according to the highest international standards.
We are able to provide complete hosting packages and maintenance for all types of vessels.
The DimStef Marine Services is a family owned business ,staffed with experience and capable highly trained personnel with modern sea requirements.

For DimStef Marine Services
Stefanidakis Dimitris


Dimstef Marine Services North Evia Greece

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