Vessel maintenance and repair

In addition to boat parking and the ability to lift and launch boats DimStef Marine Services undertakes ship and engine maintenance and repair work. We have excellent organization, complete and modern equipment. Skilled staff with many years of experience and love for what we do. Multiannual experience, knowledge and a personal engagement are a guarantee of instant service and complete responsible and guaranteed services. Offer your boat the proper maintenance it needs as it ensures its long, correct and trouble-free operation.

Maintenance and repair work
we undertake:

  • High pressure wash of the underwater parts
  • Mechanical maintenance of engines, steering and other parts of the vessel
  • Bottom painting /antifulling
  • In collaboration with specialized repairers, repair of sails, masts, rings etc
  • Washing and cleaning
  • Maintenance and repair of electrical installations
    of the vessel
  • Maintenance and repairs of ship’s electronic systems
  • Polyester – desk – stainless steel repair

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  • Original spare parts
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