DimStef Marine Services has a full range in shipping products and supplies. We can cover all your needs regarding the equipment of your boat. We offer you complete solutions with a wide and complete variety of marine products at competitive prices and high quality to meet all the potential needs of our customers. In our shop you can find a large and complete range of marine products that can cover any need you have for equipping your boat. You can also order specialized products.

Product categories you can
find in our store:

  • Navigation equipment
  • Electronic boat equipment
  • Sailing clothes and accessories
  • Equipment and motor accessories
  • Hydraulic and ventilation systems
  • Tents and seats
  • Boat covers
  • Cabin and kitchen equipment
  • Interior equipment
  • Deck equipment
  • Water sports and diving
  • Electrical equipment
  • First aid and rescue equipment
  • Anchorage and docking
  • Boat trailers and accesories